Traits are additional abilities that can boost your unit. Both Heroes and Guards have traits. There are two ways to obtain traits: trials and awakening.

Trial Traits Edit

Each hero has 4 and each guard has 6 possible trial traits, of which, only 3 can be learned. The 3 traits learned are random.

Traits are earned by spending gold (or gems) to upgrade a unit through trials, accessed through the upgrade button. Trials also give bonus health and attack and the amounts are fixed per unit (the same unit gets the same bonus health and attack). Later trials have an increasing threshold (a lucky horseshoe image), but an unsuccessful attempt at a trial will reduce the threshold.

After the 3 traits are learned you can improve the traits considerably with a slot machine style upgrade mechanism. The slots values will be random between 1-5, and the sum of the three levels will be 10, 11 or 12 (12 is so rare that many have not seen it). This means there is a total of 52 possible combinations. You should maximize the trait that works best with your unit best i.e. Strong Armour for a unit with high health.

Relic Traits (Awakening) Edit

Additional traits can be learned through awakening units with relics. These traits can be improved by increasing the level of the relic. See the relics page for more information.

Hero traits Edit

There are limited sets of traits for units that depend of the heroes sub-class. Each four rows show the possible traits a single unit may have:

  • DPS - Bomberman, Chain Attack, Sharp Blade, Unstoppable
  • Support - Arrow Summoner, Antimage, Focus, Good Student
  • Tank - Blade Caster, Fearless, Strong Armour, Cold Snap
  • Healer - Chemist, Lucky One, Healer, Dracula
  • Lord - Dungeon Raider, Treasure Hunter, Souls Collector
Name Effect level 1 2 3 4 5 Synergy
Bomberman 2% chance of bomb bonus on guard kill. 4% 8% 10% 3x guard, 6-stage level
Chain Attack 4% bonus per stone to attack. Applied to all enemies. 10% 13% 17% 3x guard
Sharp Blade +7% increase of attack 21% 35% chain, focus, antimage
Unstoppable If health >70% then attack+25% +50% +75% +100% +125% cure
Arrow Summoner 2% chance of making a bow on guard kill 4% 7% 9% 12% 3x guard
Antimage +15% attack if any guard has a buff 30% 45% 60% 75% chain, focus, sharp blade
Focus +10% attack if only 1 guard 20% 30% 40% 1x guard (sieges)
Good Student +5% XP for killing guard 10% 20% 25% mission farming, levelling units
Blade Caster 4% chance of making sword bonus on guard kill 8% 3x guard, 6-stage level
Fearless If health <30% then attack+50% 150% 200% 300% High health team
Strong Armour Health+7% 14% 28% 35% High health unit
Cold Snap 3% chance to freeze guard on hit 9% 11% Sword, Arrow and Bomb bonus for more hits.
Chemist 5% chance to make healing bonus on guard kill 15% 20% 25% Mage Healer
Lucky One +10% chance of Sanctuary of Fortune appearing 20% 30% 40% 50% Missions and tree of life
Healer The healing bonus item restores +10% health +20% +30% +50% Mage Healer
Dracula 10% chance on hit of restoring 30% health 30%


40% chance 50% chance High health unit
Dungeon Raider (Lord) Increase drop of gems in missions Missions
Treasure Hunter (Lord) +10% chance of chest drop 20% 30% 40% 50% Missions
Souls Collector (Lord) Increase chance of Soul Stones dropping (*limited testing shows this has no effect on hard maps) Missions

Guard traits Edit

Name Effect (base effect of innate traits without wheels) 2 3 4 5 Synergy
Cunning Strike 8% Chance of Silence on random Hero 15% Guards with 3 units
Strong Rush If health >70% then attack + 10% 50% Shield Seal;

Seal of Blood; Guards with 3 units; Stone skin; Seal of Evil

Thick Shell Decrease damage from warriors by 30% 45% 55% 62% 67% Other damage reduction
Defense against arrows Decrease damage from archers by 30% 45% 55% 62% 67% Other damage reduction
Magic Resistance Decrease damage from mages by 30% 45% 55% 62% 67% Other damage reduction
Good Reflexes Decrease damage from rogues by 30% 45% 55% 62% 67% Other damage reduction
Stone Skin Health + 10% Seal of Protection
Avenger If seal destroyed then Health refill 10% and Attack+7% H+30%


Seal of Strength
Right Strike Attack + 10% 40% 50% Seal of Blood; Seal of Evil; Seal of Fury
Second Wind If health <30% then attack + 34% 170% Seal of Blood
Blood Drinker 50% chance to restore 5% health Seal of Forest
Blood Frenzied 10% chance of 100% attack per round Seal Of Blood