The Buildings in your town provide an advantage for you. The higher the level of the building the higher the advantage.

Castle Edit

The castle allows higher level buildings to be constructed. Current maximum level is 13 as the game is still in development.

A higher level castle increases the chances of epic Soul Stones dropping in missions.

  • Level 11 Unlocks Obsidian Mine Lvl 1. Obsidian Storage lvl 1.
  • Level 13 *Current max. level.* 800Atk 15000Hp
  • Level 14 Unlocks 2nd Obsidian Storage Lvl 1. Not available yet.
  • Level 15 Unlocks 2nd Obsidian Mine Lvl 1. Not available yet.
  • Level 17 Monster trap requires Castle Lvl 17. Not available yet.
  • Level 19 Sky ship requires Castle Lvl 19. Not available yet.

Bridge Edit

Place your guards on your bridge. Increases the number of guards you can store by 5 per level. Increase health and attack of guards by 5% per level. The Bridge is the building from where your guards protect your town and provides bonuses to guards and unit storage.

At the bridge you can assign guards, upgrade guards and sell guards. You can open locked guard slots by completing the missions on the normal map.

Assigning guards. Edit

Either press the 'auto fill' button to have the app choose the guards for you (by highest stats) or drag the guards you want to one of the positions on the bridge. Tactics Current tactics include: 1.

Levels Edit

Building level Health and Attack bonus % Unit Storage
1 5 15
2 10 20
3 15 25
4 20 30
5 25 35
6 30 40
7 35 45
8 40 50
9 45 55
10 50 60
11 55 65
12 60 70
13 65 75

Watch Tower Edit

Your Watch Tower increases amount of resources gained from sieges. Plus 2% per level.

Heroe's Sanctuary Edit

Your Heroes Sanctuary increases attack and health of Heroes by 5% per level and allows storage of 5 more units per level.

Arcane Portal Edit

You can run quests at the Arcane Portal every 8 hours for the chance of rewards.

Gold Mine Edit

Gold Mines mines gold. Stores 3 hours worth of gold before stopping mining.

Stone Mine Edit

Stone Mines mine stones. Stores 3 hours worth of stone before mining stops.

Obsidian Mine Edit

Obsidian Mines mine Obsidian

Stone Storage Edit

Stores stone (must be upgraded to normally upgrade castle)

Gold Storage Edit

Stones gold

Obsidian Storage Edit

Stores Obsidian.

Monster Trap Edit

Not available yet as requires castle level 17.

Sky Ship Edit

Not available yet as requires castle level 19.