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• 6/27/2017

Suggestions for developers

What do you think we should ask the developers for?

My top would be to lower the quest limit for guard and boss kills to make it possible by 5 guild members.
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• 7/4/2017
Atleast we should ask the developers to lower the easy guild quests, since it is not possible for small guilds to complete those. Hards should stay the same. Aswell their is a bug in the Guild Quests wich is saying summon Epic and Rare soulstones. But for Epic they mean Rare and for Rare they mean Epic. I already sent a picture of this to the developers.
• 7/4/2017
Also, time stamps on messages, see who is online, see who is active in guilds
• 3/2/2018
Some thing that would make the game so much easier, if you could lock or separate the heros you want to save or use as fodder.
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